The photos and videos on this page present a number of selections showing some of the history and restoration work of the guesthouse and its surroundings, as well as some examples of its use today.

The restoration work was undertaken in a manner to keep the character of the building intact with high walls, windows and floors. It contains a variety of antique fittings and fixtures as well as the inclusion of memorabilia of early years. The development of the grounds are also in keeping with the original intent by using the larger rocks retrieved from the excavation work as material for the numerous retaining walls onsite. The indoor entertainment area and the large outdoor entertainment deck, the plunge pool and extensive development of the grounds have lifted its potential to cater for a variety of casual and formal functions, weddings, intimate music and other media events, business conferences etc.

Since its opening in 2014, the Guesthouse has received a major heritage award and a number of positive media articles and is gaining popularity as an ideal venue for intimate functions. Its hidden charm definitely appeals as an exquisite wedding venue. 


The slide show below will give you some perspective on the enormity of the project that was undertaken.

Hiding in the bush
Look what we found
What is it
A completely gutted shell ... it looks like it was a church
Can we fix it?
Bush inside and out ... what a mess
Just stones
We saw only walls, bush and sky. What did the interior look like?
Just how big is this project
Cleaning and inspecting the whole structure - inside and outside. Needs roof, floors, windows, rooms, plumbing, electrical ....
Let's do it!
Start at the front and keep on working ...
We need a solid base to start with
The only way from here is ... up!
Excitement slowly builds as the work progresses
The design juices start to flow
Need help with the inside
Modern equipment sure helps with the big jobs
Need help with the outside also
Even bigger job
Starting the back deck
Expanding our horizons
Access to the deck
Changing a window to a door
Creating the perfect space
Finishing touches on the inside
Working on up
Finishing the roof and guttering
And now the steeple
Can't have a church without a steeple now can we
The beginnings of a finished project
And now for the spit and polish
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Turning Dreams to Reality

We are proud of the many opportunities we’ve had to help dreams come true.


The following videos give some additional information about St Josephs Guesthouse and Function Venue, St Albans and the Macdonald Valley.

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